Tablet Repair

Since the release of the original iPad, almost every major electronics manufacturer has produced their take on the tablet PC. The amazing responsiveness of the touch screen and the incredible display quality of the new LCD’s has made the Tablet PC a very popular device. 

At MobileREMEDIES® we have followed the trends, and also realized quite some time ago, that these devices are going to break and will need repair specialists, which is right up our alley! Because of our extensive experience with similar products like smart phones and computers, we have all of the necessary tools and experience to professionally repair just about every tablet PC out there. The most common problems we see are cracked glass touch screens (digitizers) and broken displays or LCD’s. With the iPad in particular, many times the metal housing is bent from the same incident that broke the glass and also needs to be replaced for a complete repair. 

No matter what your problem may be, we can help. From questions about software to all of your hardware needs, we are your Tablet Repair experts!

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Not in Hawaii? You can ship us your device. We recommend checking out our packing techniques before heading to the post office.