iPhone Repair: How to personalize your iPhone

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iPhone Repair: My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo!
September 1, 2017
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iPhone Repair: How to personalize your iPhone

iPhone Repair: How to personalize your iPhone

Some observations from the professionals at MobileREMEDIES®

If you just bought a brand new iPhone or if you feel ready for an image change, you’ll want your phone to reflect something of your individuality. There are many ways to personalize it and make it look more like your own creation. You can change your background, reorganize your dock, add folders, set restrictions and much more. In this article we’ll review a few of the most common modifications that you can use to personalize your iPhone.

Get the Right Protective Case

The outside of your iPhone is the first thing that other people see and the first thing that clearly identifies it as YOUR phone, so take advantage of the need to protect your investment with a good quality protective case and choose one that really feels right for you and says something about your personality! You can certainly go to one of the many stores that sell cases but check out the cases available on Amazon or Ebay before you commit. You will be amazed at the variety of cases available and it will give you some good ideas about what you want your iPhone to look like. Pay a little extra for good impact protection! (It’s too late after the screen breaks. At MobileREMEDIES®, we see people every day with broken screens who skipped this step!)

Change Your Wallpaper

The background image or “wallpaper” is the next thing that stands out and says something about you and your tastes. Give some thought to what image really says “you” and either find it in your Photos library, take a picture specifically for that purpose or download an image you like from the Internet and import it into your library. To change your iPhone’s wallpaper go to your home screen and tap the Settings app, In Settings, tap Wallpapers & Brightness. Select Wallpaper. Tap the photo you want to make your wallpaper. You can move the photo or scale it by zooming in until it looks just the way you want it to. Choose whether you want the image for your home screen, lock screen, or both. If you want them to be different, just repeat the process for the other screen.

Arrange Your Apps

How your apps are arranged on the screen allows you to establish your priorities and put them in the order that is most useful for you. To arrange the apps on the iPhone just touch and hold any app on the Home screen until you see all the app icons “jiggle”. This is the indication that you can drag and move them to any location you please. You can drag an app to the edge of the screen to move it to a different page or drag it to the Dock at the bottom of the screen. Adjacent apps will “scoot” out of the way to make a space for the app that you are moving. When you’re done just press the Home button to save your arrangement.

Create folders

If you would like to have similar apps grouped together, you can create folders with group names. To create a folder just touch and hold any app on the Home screen until you see the app icons “jiggle”, drag one app onto another that you want in the same folder, then lift your finger. Tap the name of the folder and rename it appropriately. You can drag apps in or out of the folder. To delete a folder simply drag all the apps to other locations and the folder will automatically be deleted.

Set Access Restrictions

Now that it’s “your” phone, it’s important to protect its integrity by making sure that only you can use it and modify it. The newer iPhones are equipped to recognize your fingerprint or thumbprint and the iPhone X can use facial recognition. Set up password protection right away by selecting Settings, then Touch ID & Passcode.

These are only a few of the many modifications that you can do to make your iPhone “yours”. If you would like to learn more about how to use your iPhone or iPad, MobileREMEDIES® iPhone repair experts offer a wide selection of free articles and tutorials in their blog that will help you fix and master your devices.  Go to http://mobileremedies.com/blog/.

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