iPhone repair: How to control my Mac with my iPhone

iPhone repair: Learning the new commands for iPhone X
iPhone repair: Learning the new commands for iPhone X
December 3, 2017

iPhone repair: How to control my Mac with my iPhone

MobileREMEDIES VNC Control with iOS

Sometimes while you are on the road between meetings, visiting family or just hanging out with your friends you may find yourself in a situation where it would be useful to control your Mac remotely to access a file or an application that is not available in the cloud.

MobileREMEDIES® computer repair specialists have created this guide to allow you configure your iPhone or iPad to control your Mac remotely.

There are many applications available to perform remote connections and most of them work over a Virtual Network Connection (VNC). This connection is made using your local network, but can also be used in conjunction with apps such as TeamViewer to keep you connected to your Mac even while you are on the road and using your cellular network.

Controlling your Mac using Remote VNC

The first step is to turn on ‘Screen Sharing’ on your Mac. Open ‘System Preferences’ and click ‘Sharing’. Next, select ‘Screen Sharing’ and click on ‘Computer Settings’.

In the opening panel select ‘VNC viewers may control screen with password‘, then click in the input box and enter a password. MobileREMEDIES® data recovery experts highly recommend using this option to ensure that no one else can control your Mac.

The second step is to install ‘Remoter VNC’. To do this, download Remoter VNC from the App Store on your iPad or iPhone (it costs $1.99) and make sure the device is on the same wireless network as your Mac. After the download is installed, open it and Click on the ‘+’ icon which can be found at the top left to see a list of computers on your network.

If it was done correctly, you should see your Mac’s name appear. Find the name of your Mac in the ‘Sharing preferences’ panel and tap it, then tap ‘Add’ to provide settings for it.

Remoter VNC should have detected that you want to use VNC but if it hasn’t, you can correct this by tapping the ‘Server Type’ item and selecting ‘VNC ScreenSharing’. Move down to ‘username’ and ‘password’, which are necessary to connect to the Mac. Enter these in the appropriate boxes.

The third step is to connect to your Mac using the app. This can be done by selecting your Mac on Remoter VNC’s main screen, then tap ‘Start’. The app will connect over your current Wi-Fi network and give you remote control of the Mac.

MobileREMEDIES® iPhone repair specialists recommend controlling the screen zoom by using two fingers over your iOS device just the way that you normally do with pictures or applications. Since your Mac’s screen will be considerably larger than your iPhone or iPad screen, you will need to zoom in to control different areas of the screen.

To control the mouse just tap your iPad or iPhone screen and then the Mac’s pointer will move to wherever you tapped. Tapping items on the screen has the same effect as clicking on them with a mouse or trackpad. MobileREMEDIES® iPhone repair specialists recommend episodically using the ‘fullscreen’ mode icon to enhance the experience. You can find it at the top-left corner.

To access keyboard functions you will have to open the virtual keyboard. To do this, focus the pointer on a screen element that usually requires text entry. When you do so,  a small temporary text field will appear along with the virtual keyboard showing your text as you type it.


Of course, the experience of controlling your MAC remotely with your iPhone or iPad is not the same as using the device directly but it does give you the possibility to connect and perform several tasks such as finding and modifying files that are only available on your Mac. So, even if the interface feels a bit awkward, it may be still a lifesaver in certain situations. MobileREMEDIES® computer repair experts recommend remotely connecting to your computer mainly when you have a good reliable Wi-Fi connexion to avoid additional cellular charges but also to improve the connection speed, sometimes when you are on the road even with a 4G LTE network the connection speeds may not be optimal for remote control.

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