iPhone Repair: Should I get my iPhone or iPad Screen repaired?
iPhone Repair: Should I get my iPhone or iPad Screen repaired?
October 19, 2017
iPhone repair: Learning the new commands for iPhone X
iPhone repair: Learning the new commands for iPhone X
December 3, 2017

iPad repair: Using your iPad as a Laptop

iPad repair: Using your iPad as a Laptop

Some observations from the professionals at MobileREMEDIES®

We all know about the benefits of having an iPad and being able to use it while traveling, at coffee shops, at the beach or basically anywhere but we usually use it for diversions, with activities like surfing the web, online shopping, playing games and watching movies being the main focus. If you own an iPad or iPad mini, you might be wondering whether you can use it as a replacement for your PC or Laptop to accomplish your daily work activities? The answer is; maybe!

Becoming “simply-iPad”

Carrying an iPad instead of a 15” laptop has its advantages. It’s much lighter and will save you storage space and money! IPads and other tablets are typically cheaper than laptops even with the accessories that you will need. Unfortunately there is still a trade-off (isn’t there always?) for this extra portability. If there weren’t, the laptop would have been replaced by the Tablet a long time ago. You’ll lose some computing power and screen size and will need a Bluetooth keyboard and possibly a Bluetooth mouse. Still, with the power of the present day iPad, the majority of the people could turn them into their primary computing devices.The final answer depends on your individual needs and desires when deciding to make the plunge.  

Who is this for?

If you are a teacher, writer, businessperson, student, office assistant or you just like to use social networks having an iPad or Tablet will solve your digital requirements.

Who isn’t this for?

If you do heavy image, audio or video editing, or need specialized engineering software for work, you’ll probably need to keep using your Laptop or Workstation. Also, if you need to use a CD, DVD or Bluray disk you will want to stick with your current setup.

What do I need to prepare my iPad or Tablet:

File Storage

Probably the most important thing if using only an iPad or Tablet for work is the ability to access your files. There are four main strategies. One is to store them on your Tablet or iPad all the time which means choosing a model with plenty of internal memory. A second is to carry a portable solid state drive such as a flash drive (with a lightning adapter if you are using an iPad) and work from that.  With both of these methods your files are always accessible even when you are not connected to the Internet but you will still have to have a reliable backup system since these can be easily lost. A third way is to keep your files in the cloud and access them only as you need them saving your changes to the cloud. The problem here of course is that you will have access to your files only when you are connected to the Internet. The fourth way is the one that MobileREMEDIES® iPad repair experts recommend as the most practical and reliable solution; that is to use Dropbox or GoogleDrive which are cloud-based services that securely store your files both on your device and in the cloud and automatically synchronize them when you are connected to the Internet. You still need to have some extra onboard storage but if there is ever a problem you can still access your data from the cloud.

Internet Access

When you store your files in the cloud, you will need to have a consistent and reliable internet connection to access them. Remember that mobility means that sometimes you’ll probably have to connect using a 4G LTE iPad or use the Wi-Fi at the coffee shop or library. You can also tether your iPhone and access the Internet from any location where you have cellular service but you will need an unlimited or at least a hefty data plan. MobileREMEDIES® iPhone repair service recommends that you check your data contract with your carrier to avoid extra charges.

Email Synchronization

Now that you have your files and an internet connection the next step is to configure your email, MobileREMEDIES® computer repair experts recommend using IMAP, with this protocol you can clear emails on your iPad and when you get to your home or your office, all emails will be synchronized with the desktop or laptop computer..


Every person has different requirements and will need different apps, but there are a few things to consider when choosing which ones you’re going to install on your iPad:

Use apps that are available for both tablet and computer and try to use apps that can be connected to a cloud service like Dropbox or GoogleDrive. MobileREMEDIES® iPad repair recommends Google Apps for Business. This is a 100% cloud suite that can work entirely on your iPad and includes spreadsheets, text editor, calendar, email, presentations and more apps for the regular users.

Hardware and Accessories

After having your iPad or Tablet configured you need some accessories to help you achieve the best performance in your daily work. An external keyboard is essential for fast typing since you cannot sense the position of your fingertips on the flat glass surface of the iPad and the distance between the letters is not standard. You can find bluetooth keyboards that are identical to the ones that come with laptops for a very reasonable price. Another good investment is an external battery pack to charge your iPhone or iPad while traveling. If you like to use a mouse you can get a Bluetooth version very easily. The last accessory you’ll need is a good protective organizer to carry everything and you’ll be ready to go.


Though you may still feel that a desktop or laptop is more natural when you need to get a lot of work done, an iPad provides a valuable alternative for many active people. If you do try this out, you will almost certainly feel a little discouraged at first but be sure to give yourself a few weeks to adapt before making your final decision!

If you would like to learn more about how to use your iPhone or iPad, MobileREMEDIES® iPad repair experts offer a wide selection of free articles and tutorials in their blog to help you fix and master your devices.  Go to http://mobileremedies.com/blog/.

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