Game Console Repair

There are many things can go wrong with your beloved game system. Red Light of Death (overheating), bad laser or hard drive… you name it, we’ve seen it. So don’t despair, bring your game console to us and we’ll repair it and spend extra time testing and re-testing your system prior to returning your console. We not only get you back in the game – we keep you there! Contact us now for game console repair.

Game systems continue to evolve but as we move into new models we sometimes enjoy keeping our older devices to replay some of our favorite games. Keeping them in shape and running is not always easy. We can help!

Another possibility is that as a sophisticated gamer you may wish to graduate into a custom computer and use your old game system for casual gaming. At MobileREMEDIES®, we can create a high-powered computer that can take you into the next phase of gaming including virtual reality. We build computers with processors and graphics cards that can take advantage of the most advanced software available. Your only considerations need be your imagination and your budget! All of our custom computers come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor!

Computer Repairs

Not in Hawaii? You can ship us your computer. We recommend checking out our packing techniques before heading to the post office.