About us

In today’s world, electronic devices are an essential part of our everyday lives.  The scope of their importance and sophistication is constantly growing with no end in sight. When they break or malfunction, we often have no choice but to throw them away and replace them at great personal expense and inconvenience – not to mention the untold costs to our environment and future generations.  As these costs rise, people take notice. You wouldn’t replace your car when it breaks down but up until now you had no other choice but to pitch your broken cell phone or tablet PC.  As electronic devices grow more expensive and contain more valuable data, people will seek other options. That is the domain of MobileREMEDIES®

MobileREMEDIES® is a young and rapidly growing company based in Hawaii. Our primary goal is to provide better options for dealing with damaged electronic devices.  These options include repair, exchange, modification, refurbishment, recycling and more, as we continue to explore new possibilities. At our stores, these services can often be accomplished while you wait or run a short errand. Additionally, with today’s Priority Mail flat rate boxes from the US Postal Service, we can offer rapid turnaround times to and from anywhere in the United States. We have also assembled a professional Web Development and Website Maintenance team that understands small businesses that care about the quality of their online image but have limited resources. Our software engineers also design iPad and iPhone applications for any business need. We strive to provide quality web services with a rapid response time at a reasonable price.

The owners believe that the best way to make money is by trading value for value and know that the only way to achieve long-term success is by treating their customers the same way they themselves wish to be treated. We know that if you are treated well, you will use and recommend our company to others in the future. We all benefit from good customer service.  The difference between our company and many others is that we know it.

We provide iPhone repair, Cell Phone repair, Game Systems repair, iPod/MP3 Players repair, iPad repair, Tablet PC’s and Computers. Water Damage is one of our most common repairs and our success rate is high. At MobileREMEDIES® we are confident enough in our ability to repair liquid damage that we no longer charge an up-front labor fee. If we cannot repair your device, you pay nothing for the attempt and we absorb the labor costs ourselves!  When repair is not cost-effective for your device (or if you are looking for a change) we also offer refurbished units at low prices. We pay cash for many used and broken devices or give you the option to trade them for in-store credit. Additionally, we design, host, and maintain websites, as well as create custom applications for our clients. Most of our products and services come with a 1-year warranty.

MobileREMEDIES®  “We provide options”