iPhone Repair: My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo!

iPhone repair: Using the Accessibility features
iPhone repair: Using the Accessibility features, Chapter 1
August 30, 2017

iPhone Repair: My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo!

iPhone Repair: My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo!

Some observations from the professionals at MobileREMEDIES®

You had been downloading apps and documents as well as taking pictures and videos with your iPhone for several months with no problems. So you are surprised when it suddenly displays a black screen followed by the Apple logo which stays on for a minute or so and you think: “Well, it just restarted itself, all I have to do is wait for it to boot up again and it should be fine. Right?” ”.

To your dismay, the Apple logo then disappears again only to reappear shortly thereafter. You shake the iPhone a little, hoping that it will get the message that it better shape up, but it just keeps alternating between a black screen and that same darn Apple logo! This is known as a “boot loop” and as you probably already guessed, it isn’t good news.

Occasionally a software conflict, usually between an app you downloaded and your operating system, is so extreme that your iPhone or iPad cannot function at all and it crashes causing the device to restart. Since this reloads the original files it usually eliminates corrupted code and resolves the problem. If the reloaded files are incompatible however and cause another crash before the system software can reload, it starts a vicious circle of crashing and restarting that just goes on endlessly (loops) until your battery dies and everything stops. It starts up again after you have charged your device.

The cause is usually one of the last apps you downloaded which “believes” it should be running in the background when your operating system is performing essential tasks like restarting but its code interferes with the process. Sometimes it means that the original files that store the code for your operating system or the app in question have become corrupted but it almost always means that you will have to restore your phone.

If you have been backing up your iPhone or iPad to the cloud or to your computer regularly then this will be no big deal and you will be back up and running again quickly. If you do not have a recent backup or even worse if you have no backup, you will lose some or all of your data!

There are several things that can be done and MobileREMEDIES® iPhone repair experts have prepared a step by step guide to help you solve this common problem.

If you have any difficulties with this process or need additional help, call 1-800-867-5048 to speak with a MobileREMEDIES® iPhone and cell phone repair technician or go to http://mobileremedies.com/iphone-repair/ to make an appointment to get your iPhone restored or reconfigured by a professional.

To end the boot loop on your iPhone or iPad and TRY to save your data you will need to use a computer and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your computer’s charger is plugged in and working.
  2. Turn on your computer and open Software Update. Check to see if you have the most recent version of iTunes but if you don’t, don’t update it just yet. Try the process with the version you have first but if it doesn’t work then come back, update iTunes and try again.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using the original lightning cable that came with it or a certified Apple replacement cable. Some third party cables will NOT work for this procedure.
  4. If iTunes doesn’t recognize your device, force a restart with it connected by pressing and holding the Power/Sleep button and Volume Down button at the same time if you have an iPhone 7 or by pressing the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time if you have an iPad or an iPhone 6 or older. Keep holding until the Apple logo disappears and the iTunes icon is present then let go. This is called “recovery mode”.
  5. iTunes will ask you if you wish to restore your device from backup. If you have a recent backup (if you don’t, go to the next step now) click Restore and select it. Wait for it to fully load before disconnecting anything! It may take several minutes. If you have encrypted data you will be asked to enter a password. When the backup is finished, the device should restart. Eject it from iTunes. Skip to step #7.
  6. If you have no recent backup you may also the be kind of person who may not have updated your iPhone or iPad software and you may be in luck. If you didn’t, you might get a text box giving you the option to Restore OR Update. Choose Update and you might get lucky. Again, wait for it to finish completely and restart. Be sure to eject it before you unplug it.
  7. In both circumstances, if your device is up and running again, immediately de-activate or erase the last two or three apps you downloaded or you might find yourself face-to-face with that Apple logo again! Backup your device to the cloud or to your computer again after you remove those apps. Then you can add them back one by one and determine which is the culprit.
  8. Remember to keep your device backed up regularly and keep your operating system and apps updated!

Think of it this way: At least now you know what a “boot loop” is – and what to do about it!

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